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Welcome to Machtool Automation Pvt Ltd

MACHTOOL AUTOMATION PVT. LTD. incorporated in 1994 as per Companies Act 1956, started its actual operations since 16 August 1995. Main activities of the company are manufacturing of CNC Turning Centers, CNC Restrofits and Special Purpose Machines. Since its inception, the company has maintained an extremely high quality that is evident in the products as well as the operations of the organisation.MACHTOOL has manufacturing facility at Pirangut, having the ability to adopt upgraded technology according to changing needs. The company has successfully developed CNC Machines, which are role models of “Value Engineering”. Time and cost saving technology used in products gives MACHTOOL a stature that few others can claim.In MACHTOOL, we provide our skills in an organized manner starting with identification of the specific requirements of customers. Using a combination of our infrastructure and engineering acumen, we customize machines to suit your applications. Due to cost effective quality machines, prompts back up service and short delivery period, MACHTOOL stands as the emblem of quality and reliability.

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